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My Story

If you had a chance to change your life, would you do it?  Would you make that change? We often think about the could've, should've situations and how they affect our future. We knew we always wanted to make a change in our lives.  We knew we wanted some thing more but we just didn't know what.  One day, a long time friend approached us about this little "Candle" company called Scentsy. We thought ok..what kind of scam is this, right? We thought they were crazy.  How can you make money selling candles?  I mean, really? Then we all sat down and they explained to it.  And we thought, wow - a MLM company.  We knew how that ending was going to go.  We sign up, they get money, we get nothing - isn't that what MLM make money for someone else??  Then, they asked us to trust them and we will see the results. So...being our long time friend, we said sure - "let's do this $99 thing".  Eversince then, we've never looked back.  And here are our results after selling this "candle" thing: 2011 - Made Director in 4 months 2011 - Shooting Star recipient 2011 - Level 3 Scentsational Start recipient 2012 - A Free Incentive trip to Punta Cana 2012 - Annual Sales Award  2012 - Annual Mentor Award 2013 - A Free Incentive trip to Leadership in Cancun 2013 - Annual Sales Award  2013 - Annual Mentor Award 2014 - Top 100 Earners to Greece 2014 - Annual Sales Award  2014 - Annual Mentor Award 2015 - A Free Incentive trip to Leadership in Cancun 2015 - Annual Sales Award  2015 - Annual Mentor Award 2015 - A Free Incentive trip to the Bahamas on a Cruise 2016 - A Free Incentive trip for my family to Disney World We are so happy to have made this great decision and we trusted our friends who helped us along the way.  To us, we are grateful for all their guidance and support.  And we want to do the same thing for our team members.  We want them to succeed in their Scentsy business as we have in ours!!  If you want to make that change, then give us a holler!! Candlescent Products          

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